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PostSubject: COD4   Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:07 am

Well I have been playing COD4 for 3 days.....and one word can express that game......DAMN lol!

I mean...the game is awesome but when 40 players are in the same game its awful, i do a step and i die, and lets talk about doing tactics...forget it, thats why i prefer FEAR, you can do work team but in COD4 its like impossible....or you die by a nade that someone a mile away threw just in case, or someone kills you with a super scope with 12309120931 bullets....
Anyway i like that gamehahahahaha...

In FEAR teamwork results great.....COD4...forget it...
Fear lack of a variety of weapons and things to do...so the point goes to COD4.

Your skills can be determinated at the first moment you play FEAR, in COD4 you have to play many times so you can get better weapons....i mean....a regular machine gun that you have at the beginning versus a ultra nuclear E.T. super machine gun with a telescope instead of scope.....unfair right?

So the point goes to both games lol...
Its good to improve your guns and stuff while you play more....

In my case, i prefer tactics and teamwork than playing luck with nades y calling helicopters, and F16 and saddam husseim soul to kill the enemies...

So i will be so determinant in what game i choose....

FEAR AND CALL OF DUTY 4 lol! lol! lol!


P.S.: Project Origin is coming
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PostSubject: Re: COD4   Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:25 am


I agree with many points but i do believe that team work in cod4 is posible, though it seems imposible.

In fact it could be really fun, just a little bit harder.

Imagine this in the same team:

Sniper team (They cover the advance of all teams, we protect them)

Slow attack team (they have fast but powerful weapons like assault rifles and cover the fast attack group from snipers and other enemies)

Fast attack group (they have close combat weapons like light machine guns or shotguns, they kill everything in a 10 M range)

Defence team (they have damn powerfull weapons like light machine guns and defend the sniper team and the objective)

With that they won't have time to trow any nade.

And that something almost imposible in fear, cause weapons are not even, you can shot 50 RPL bullets to a full armored guy and he would still hit you in the head.

And since there are a lot of clans we could have a match or two every weekend

We dould also need to get more player remember teams are 16 people =P

More about tactics in the secret forum Beer

Cya in the woods
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PostSubject: Re: COD4   Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:05 pm

Now after almost 25 hours of playing i can tell for 100 %. It is impossible to compare FEAR and COD. Diferent type of game.
Wood is only one map in witch we rule...or we are like brain doctors...highly spetialized.
In cod lots of maps...lots of ppl (diferent playing styles)...harder to gain skill...tactics are very imprtant in Sabotage, Search and Destroy and Headquaters.
In deadwood u know...ASP rules. Others is tactic.
In cod wapons are diferent...and u have adapt them (with perks combination) to be most usefull to map and your gamin stilye.
I was dissapointed with game when i started to play, but with time and little skill i started to nitice there is actualy very hard to win if team don't play as a team. (eaven it looks chaotic)
There is also posibillity to make mods for a game.
U have server with custom map (like deadwood). In witch there u can restrict weapons. So all players have same choice of weapons and skill and teamwork is in first plan.

For now it is all from me....dont have time....but i will write little more for sure

P.S. It would be nice to play 16 S2N in the same team

P.S.S. PHAAAAAAGEEEE wanna access to secret forum : lol! lol! lol!
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PostSubject: Re: COD4   

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